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The Top 10 Profitable Business Ventures to Start in 2024: A Comprehensive Analysis

1. Introduction Are you looking to start a new business venture in 2024? With the ever-changing landscape of the business world, it can be challenging to determine which industries will yield the highest profits. However, with careful research and analysis, it is possible to identify the most promising business opportunities. …

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How to start a blog

In today’s digital age, blogs have become a prominent avenue for individuals and businesses alike to express their ideas, share information, and engage with a vast online community. A blog is essentially an online platform that allows writers to publish their thoughts and opinions on a particular subject matter. It …

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Kenyan Workers are Dishonest

I got the opportunity to meet 6 rich men this weekend and I asked them a question that: ‘Why are they not building factories for the youth of this country to get job to do? They burst into laughter as if I have said something funny, then one said The …

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Requirements for Starting A Petrol / Gas Station In Kenya

Requirements for one to apply for a construction permit: 1. Applicant’s company registration certificates (for the firm developing the land) 2. ID copies of the directors. 3.Proof of land ownership (copy of title deed in the name of company/director(s) In the case of long term land lease, copy of duly …

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Investing Out of Superfluous Research

Tell a salaried guy to follow his passion – he will confidently answer you that his only passion is drinking and partying hard all weekend long at one of those shady clubs along Thika Road. Tell them to research about the latest business trends – they will tell you they …

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How to deposit money from mpesa to equity bank account

Equity bank is one of the leading banks in Kenya. Actually, the bank has expanded its services to All East African Countries. This makes it one of the biggest banks in the region. With the emergence of Mobile banking in the region, most of the bank customers would prefer to …

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Best Performing Sacco’s In Kenya

If you aren’t saving in a Sacco or you aren’t a member of a Sacco in Kenya, then you are in the wrong financial path. Saving or investing in a Sacco in Kenya is a very bold move that will benefit you in many ways including access to loans as …

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Starting a Car Wash Business In Kenya

Car wash business is a lucrative venture that can give you good returns if well managed. This is one business that has caught the eye of many Kenyans. If you walk in any business street in the suburbs or estates in Nairobi, you won’t miss a car wash yard stationed …

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