How to login to your student email – Murang’a University of Technology

Murang’a University of Technology is the Successor of Murang’a University College, a former constituent College of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology after being elevated from Murang’a College of Technology. According to data from Wikipedia.   All first year students are issued with student emails upon registration. This email is normally used in official […]

What is physical education?

Physical education is defined as the foundation of an all-encompassing institution or school physical activity program.  It is an academic subject which is characterized by a strategic, successive curriculum or course of study that is built on the national standards for physical education. Physical education is believed to provide intellectual content and training designed to develop […]

Murang’a University Ranked Position 11 On the Current July 2022 Webometrics Rankings

The webometric rankings is an independent and scientific exercise and is published twice yearly (January and July) by the Cyber metrics Lab. Webometric ranking measures visibility, impact, and activity (presence, openness and excellence) of University and College webpages with special emphasis on scientific output. The main objective of the ranking is to promote open access […]

Top 20 Universities in Kenya According To Webometrics Rankings July 2022 Edition

Kenya has a number of universities and other institutions of higher learning. There are 30 public universities, 30 chartered private universities and 30 universities with Letter of Interim Authority. Webometrics ranking of universities in among the trusted ranking platform in the world.  The Ranking Web is not a ranking of the websites of Universities, it is a Ranking of […]

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