The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.

Why Men Want Younger Women

The number one reason above all else that young women are more attractive than older women, is because they are more teachable than older women. No amount of coping about differences in natural beauty, or the marvels of modern makeup, fitness and surgery that can allow older, wealthier and more …

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Some Games Women Play

If you’re fit & handsome, your woman secretly wants you to be less attractive to other women. It’s a game most women play. She knows she bagged the PRIZE, and she knows women want other women’s men, so she’ll try to limit her competition. And she wins this war when …

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Attraction Tip – For Men

If you can’t beat your chest to say that “your” woman loves you, it’s because you’re not her main option. Accept it. Women talk to different guys at a time. If she’s not reciprocating the energy you’re giving her, trust me, it’s going elsewhere. And there’s no amount of “pressure” …

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