Murang’a University Ranked Position 11 On the Current July 2022 Webometrics Rankings

The webometrics rankings is an independent and scientific exercise and is published twice yearly (January and July) by the Cyber metrics Lab. Webometric ranking measures visibility, impact, and activity (presence, openness and excellence) of University and College webpages with special emphasis on scientific output.

The main objective of the ranking is to promote open access to the knowledge generated by the University. The best strategy to improve our ranking is to increase quantity and quality of our web contents. Webometrics uses link analysis, to perform comprehensive, deep evaluation of the University global performance, taking into account its activities and outputs and their relevance and impact.

The following table describes the current webometric ranking methodology and key indicators:

Webometrics Indicator Ranking

Indicator Meaning Methodology Source Weight Country Ranking
Visibility (Impact) Web contents Impact -Number of external networks (subnets) linking to the institution’s webpages (normalized and then the maximum value is chosen) Ahrefs and Majestic 50%   2
Transparency (Openness) Top cited researchers -Number of citations from Top 210 authors (excl. top 20 outliers) Google Scholar Profiles 10% 24
Excellence (Scholar) Top cited papers -Number of papers amongst the top 10% most cited in each one of the all 27 disciplines of the full database. -Data for the five-year period:  2016-2020 Scimago 40% 44

Murang’a University has been ranked at position 11 in Kenya on the current JULY 2022 webometrics report. The table below shows the overall performance on the three key indicators used to determine the rankings.

The above report can as well be accessed on this link JULY 2022 WEBOMETRICS RANKING

The university is in the process of setting up strategies to improve on openness rank and excellence rank which if attained will have a big impact on the overall ranking.

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