The Rise of Diamond and His Label Wasafi Record

Who is Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz who is also known as Nassib Abdul in the government papers is a Tanzanian
celebrity who has become popular throughout his musical career and is one of the best artists in
the music industry, first in Tanzania than in East Africa, and now in Africa to the world. He is a
son to his mother “Mama Dangote” as she is known on social media, a sibling to his sisters “Esma
Platnumz and Queen Darleen” plus cousin “Romy Jons” and a father of 4 Kids “Latifah, Nilan,
Dylan, and Nassib Junior”.
Diamond’s Career History
He started his music career at a very young age in the year 2007 and four years later his music
took off. Diamond started to shine in the music industry of Tanzania in 2010 when he released
his album called “Kamwambie” which gave his music a turn-around and since then he has been
scaling up. He has released several other albums since then like “Lala Salama” in the year 2012,
“A boy from Tandale” in the year 2018, and recently has released an album called “First of All”.
When he began his career, he was under management of a local label, but now owns several
businesses like a media, film production company, a record label, and he is an ambassador for
several other businesses. He has been nominated for several awards internationally such as the
BET awards 2021. He also won several awards locally and internationally including MTV awards,
Afrimma, Kilimanjaro music awards, channel o and many other awards. This year Diamond
performed at the Grammys Global Spin as the first East African artist.
Things to know about WCB Record label
WCB which is an acronym for Wasafi Classic Baby was officially registered in the year 2016. The
label was one of his first early accomplishments as an artist. WCB Wasafi provides various
services to artists such as artistic management, publishing and marketing. The label produces
Hip hop, Bongo flava and R&B music genres.
As the very first pioneers of the label were two other artists who started with Diamond who are
Queen Darleen and Rayvanny as they are popularly known. Beginning of year 2022 the label had
six artists it was managing up until Rayvanny decided to take up his own career and start his own
label. To date WCB record label has a total of five artists who are Diamond Platnumz, Lavalava,
Mbosso Khan, Zuchu and Queen Darleen. Each of these artists were signed at different stages
of their music career but most of them were recruited and debuted when in WCB.
If there is one common behavior spotted about the label is that it recruits new unknown artists
making their debut at the label. Also, the label is known for its steady management that makes
the artists debuting at the label popular in no time. It is said by many that the label has been
successful because of consistency, strong team, and high-quality work. Apart from the five artists
in the label now there have been other artists that were signed to the label in the course of the six
years it has been in business. The other artists that were once signed in the label include
“Harmonize” also known as Konde who is now running his own label called Konde gang and “Rich
Mavoko” who has now taken a break from his Music career.
Meet the management
WCB record label is known for its strong management which is its secret to success they have
achieved so far. The management team is led by Diamond Platnumz himself as the CEO
&Founder, he is assisted by three label managers and pioneers which are Sallam Sk, Babu Tale
and Mkubwa Fella. This is the team that has started out with diamond from the scratch to what it
is today.
WCB record label seeks to bring Bongo flava to the world. They have introduced Tanzanian music
in the African market, and it has managed to go even across borders of Africa to America. Canada
and other western markets.


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