Attraction Tip – For Men

If you can’t beat your chest to say that “your” woman loves you, it’s because you’re not her main option.

Accept it.

Women talk to different guys at a time. If she’s not reciprocating the energy you’re giving her, trust me, it’s going elsewhere.

And there’s no amount of “pressure” you apply that can change the narrative.

Don’t be tempted by your emotional brain to think “maybe she needs more time” to accept you.

No, it doesn’t work that way.

This is where a slap of reality is needed:

The best thing to do is to emotionally check out of the relationship. To stay further is folly.

And you do this by telling yourself the truth & limiting the energy you bring thenceforth.

For instance, there are some relationships where the two people won’t talk if the guy doesn’t text or call first.

When faced with such a situation, you need to give it a break. And increase your options by talking to more girls.

PS: This strategy is also effective in winning her over, that of course is, if she has an iota of interest in you.

The simple rule is:

To boost her interest, lower yours.

That way, your absence does what your presence couldn’t.

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