Does he/she like me?

Understanding someone’s feelings can be complex and often requires direct communication. However, I can offer some general signs that someone might be interested in you:

Body Language:

Pay attention to their body language. Positive signs include leaning in, making eye contact, and mirroring your movements.
Initiating Contact:

If they frequently initiate contact, whether through texts, calls, or in-person conversations, it may be a sign of interest.

If the person is actively engaged in conversations with you, asks questions, and seems genuinely interested in your life, it could indicate that they like you.

Frequent compliments, especially those that go beyond general niceties, may be a sign of attraction.
Prioritising Your Company:

If the person makes an effort to spend time with you and seems to prioritise your company, it suggests they value your presence.
Remembering Details:

Someone who likes you may remember small details about your life, preferences, or experiences, showing that they pay attention.
Teasing or Flirting:

Light teasing and flirting can be signs of interest, as it often indicates a desire to create a playful connection.
Helping and Support:

Offering help or support in various situations may indicate that the person cares about your well-being.
It’s important to note that these signs are not foolproof, and people express interest in different ways. Additionally, cultural and individual differences can influence behaviour. If you’re uncertain about someone’s feelings, the best approach is often to communicate openly and honestly with them. You can express your own feelings or simply ask how they feel. Clear communication is key in understanding each other better.

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