Some Games Women Play

If you’re fit & handsome, your woman secretly wants you to be less attractive to other women. It’s a game most women play. She knows she bagged the PRIZE, and she knows women want other women’s men, so she’ll try to limit her competition. And she wins this war when you pander to her. Here are few examples: She’ll try to isolate you from your friends because she knows your friends are like your mirror & they help in keeping you attractive (for other women) If you keep afro hairstyle, she’ll tell you she prefers low cut or bald. If you go to the gym to stay fit, she’ll call you a gym rat & nag about your dedication. If you got six pack, she’ll tell you she prefers pot belly. Then she’ll start overfeeding you. Note, she’s doing all these because of her love for you & her fear of losing you. But the problem is, Once you’ve allowed yourself to fall victim to her tricks, she will forget what she’s done and become not attracted to you as well. Why? Because you’ve become whom she wasn’t attracted to in the first place. This is why I often say: NEVER pander to a woman! NEVER surrender your liberty at her feet! It’s her job to tame you & yours to resist taming.

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