Why Men Want Younger Women

The number one reason above all else that young women are more attractive than older women, is because they are more teachable than older women. No amount of coping about differences in natural beauty, or the marvels of modern makeup, fitness and surgery that can allow older, wealthier and more naturally beautiful women to look better than their younger peers and for longer can compensate for this. You can’t make up or surgery your way into being more innocent, pure and wholesome, for playing dress up and putting makeup and nice clothes on a pig still leaves a pig beneath. And what percentage of a relationship is even spent enjoying a woman’s body anyway? You can’t sleep with her all day as there are other things to be done, and so being nice to look at doesn’t excuse being horrendous to deal with. The more time a man has to spend with a woman who is not pleasant to be around, the more of a punishment she is – being committed to and living in the same home with such a woman being the ultimate punishment. The very pertinent fact of the matter is, that how good a woman looks means relatively little in the realm of long-term committed relationships (you know, those things women are obsessed with) if she is not enjoyable – and she is less likely to be enjoyable if she comes pre-programmed with trauma, resentments and trust issues. The likelihood such a woman is even receptive to learning is lower, and more tragic is that even amongst those still receptive in the company of men they deem satisfactory, many are simply too entrenched in bad habits to be salvageable. The effort is too much, time is too limited and the reward too low – why should a fully capable man take on what essentially amounts to a full-time job? What about her exactly is endearing enough that he would take on a daughter-tier task in a woman who probably doesn’t even like men nor trust them despite her obsession with being looked after by them? So you can cope with older more naturally beautiful women maintaining their looks and looking better than less naturally beautiful younger women, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t make them any more pleasant, or any easier to cooperate with, or any more endearing or wholesome or sweet or submissive or any of the positive feminine personality traits men actually care about when seriously considering a woman for marriage. This is what you need to understand. A woman’s role is to submit to her man’s authority and follow his rules and guidance for their mutual gain in the creation and preservation of a family. The more teachable she is, the better she will perform in this role and thus the easier she will be to cooperate with and build a life with. Modern women cope with this in their denial of it, particularly older failed women and younger women who feel resentment towards men due to past hurt that men only want women they can manipulate. And that this and only this is the sole reason men don’t like older women as if they’re somehow afraid or threatened by wisdom and experience and “a woman knowing what she wants”. As if to frame men as uniquely and singularly predatory of any woman they deem investable and will bond with after investing serious energy, finances and effort into commitment – a very bitter and cynical way of seeing men, one that most egregiously betrays the rottenness of the women who believe it. And this my friends is little more than an obnoxious cope – the ego defence mechanism of unwanted women demonising men’s preferences to avoid having a breakdown, because having the proper empathy for men and understanding what they want and why would be too depressing for them given their particular situation, so much better to simply demonise men whilst telling themselves they’re great than to hate themselves because they’re unwanted. And if teachable means manipulative to you, then so be it, call it manipulative. But that’s your cope. Because it’s not about exploitation, it’s about cooperation. What a man really doesn’t want is a woman who isn’t teachable, a woman who’s already lived a long, traumatic and colourful life with many men of varying stripes who have all imprinted on her in different ways, leaving him with the bill for her dysfunctions. That is not a good deal for him, and nor is it particularly enticing. To deal with the second cope in demonising men’s preference for young women, there’s the topic of maturity. How an older man and a younger woman can’t possibly have much in common, and so how the relationship must be about little other than sex. So let me enlighten you on a little something – other than nostalgia for various coming-of-age events and popular media shared by your age cohort, men and women don’t have much in common anyway. Any competent, intelligent high-agency man north of 25 is always going to view women as immature to him, irrespective of her actual age. True wisdom and maturity in women is rare and are usually only found in those who’ve been happily married a long time, or who come from families with a strong masculine tradition and many strong men to exert an outsized influence on her development. Needless to say, it’s not found in damaged older women who have had a string of failed relationships and find themselves disenfranchised. What these women call maturity, is in actual fact little more than cynicism and a more pronounced tendency to manipulate. Are such women more mindful, more reasonable, and more patient? No, on the contrary, they are often less so than their younger and less damaged counterparts – so again, it is but an elaborate cope. Wise men don’t try to fix what other men broke, because they’re not charity workers and they know the probability of success is low. It’s also not their responsibility to help every wayward woman that comes their way, and they don’t believe in building castles on the foundations of sand. Men who do extend such kindness to women often find themselves punished because of it, and thus join the ranks of those who know better. They, at most, if indulgent of their lesser natures, only use such women for recreation. And if they are less indulgent, they avoid such women entirely – for what does such a woman have to offer other than her body? Surely the drama she brings will outshine the momentary pleasure she provides? In fact, it always does. And that’s women’s primary natural defence against male lust – being so annoying he’d rather be away from her than inside of her. And this defence is far more pronounced and exaggerated in older, more damaged women than it is in younger women – to the point only the most obnoxiously horny of men would contend with it. A wilful and squabbling woman with strong opinions on every trivial and pertinent matter creates only stress. Her presence is not enjoyable, and she is not endearing. She is little more than an elevator of cortisol, and a black hole for resources. She has lost the captivating allure of feminine grace that actually humanises a woman to the male libido, that transforms her from a body to be enjoyed to a soul that is to be appreciated, this is the real reason she is unmarriageable – and no amount of shaming men’s preferences can change this. A most wretched fate to befall a woman – one you would do well to ensure your daughter avoids.

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